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FitBike wins Best Windows Phone 8 app at AT&T Developer Summit Hackathon

January 7th, 2014 By TechRewards Team

This past weekend at the AT&T Developer Summit Hackathon in Las Vegas, there was one submission that practically ran away with the award for best Windows Phone 8 app submitted to the Nokia-sponsored “Accelerator Challenge.” Well, pedaled away might be more like it!

The app, created by four guys who formed “Team Metro”, is called “FitBike” and it is intended for both Windows Phone and Windows 8.


According to the description submitted by the team, FitBike is for “bicycling enthusiasts to make their experiences even more social by finding prearranged routes and rides, and people to ride with you.” They went on to note that FitBike augments the stand alone mobile app for safety, fun, navigation and performance training with the addition of “wearables” including sensors, cameras, notification devices and LED lighting.

All of the Windows Phone apps submitted to the competition were judged based on four equally weighted criteria: Originality, Presentation, Technical Difficulty, and the use of Nokia API’s (after all, it was a Nokia challenge). Each submission received a score of 1 – 5 in each category (5 being the highest), and the top score determined the winning app. The judges told us that Team Metro had the highest use of the Nokia API’s and received the highest score for technical requirements, too.

The team behind FitBike (info about each team member is below) went above and beyond simply using the Nokia API’s for their app.


According to team member Anthony Russell, the app integrates numerous tools, services and wearables (clearly a big trend at the 2014 CES) including:

  • Nokia Imaging SDK is used for the profile photos and the GoPro photos
  • HERE Maps for routing information
  • AT&T SMS will send out texts when you hit certain check points
  • GoPro is signaled to take photos from a glove
  • Sparkfun adds a wearable vest that signals when you are turning left or right
  • Sensoria gets the cadence of your pedaling; and a
  • Pebble watch receives data about your current ride

And then all of the information is stored and processed using Windows Azure, and video data is being pulled live from the cloud. They also incorporated various Telerik tools for graphing of data.

The team will be working to polish the app and get it published to the Window Phone Store – the exact timing is still to be determined.

For their winning ways, the team received the $10,000 first prize for best Windows Phone app from the Hackathon.

Oh, and because they used the AT&T RESTful in-app messaging APIs in their app, they can also consider submitting their work to our related DVLUP Challenge.

Meet the members of Team Metro:

Jeffrey Harmon has been programming since he was 11, and is currently the Lead Application Developer for Quaero, a database marketing company based out of Charlotte, NC and Burlington, MA. He is also a Developer Evangelist for AdDuplex (a cross-promotion network for Windows 8 and Windows Phone) and he maintains his own company, AgileData Software. Currently, you can find his app Memorylage in the Windows and Windows Phone stores, and LockMapper in the WP Store. He notes that more apps are on the way.

Alex Perez was born in Venezuela and moved to the United States in 2001. He has been designing websites and traditional cartoons since 1996. He and his brother started a small website company back in 2005 with a fair amount of success, but they realized that their passion was for mobile, so they started developing and designing for Windows Phone and Windows 8. Alex currently works as a senior SEO analyst for Travelclick, creating online strategies for world-renowned hotels.

Anthony Russell is a full time WPF and Win Forms dev, but by night his heart is with Windows Phone. His short term goals include hosting hackathons to raise awareness for the Microsoft ecosystem and also to help inspire young people to start a life in Computer Science. His long term goal is to achieve a Windows Phone MVP title, and to write a nonfiction book.

Kevin D. Wolf is a Windows Phone Development MVP out of Tampa, Fla. Kevin enjoys spending time crafting world class mobile apps, and invests a significant amount of time and energy sharing his hard-earned lesson from over 25 years building all kinds of software. In addition to writing mobile apps, Kevin is building his line of NiVek quadcopter drones. He brews all the beer he drinks at home, and enjoys spending quality time with his wife of 14 years.

Please join us in congratulating all of the members of Team Metro for their award-winning app!

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