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Android Developers – Welcome to DVLUP, Nokia X is Here for You

February 24th, 2014 By TechRewards Team

We would like to extend a very hearty welcome to Android app developers everywhere! You see, if you develop Android apps, Nokia X is ready and waiting for you with open arms.

Announced today at Nokia’s press event during Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Nokia X is a new developer platform made to run your Android apps. Naturally, we wanted to ensure that you also have access to all of the fun (Badges, Challenges, Rewards and XP) that DVLUP has to offer, too.


Using Nokia X you can quickly and easily bring your Android apps to a whole new audience – and you won’t even need to add to your code base!

The opportunity to expand the reach of your apps to customers in markets you’ve only dreamed about is here.

And, once you publish your apps to the Nokia X platform, we have new Challenges here on DVLUP that are custom designed with your apps in mind.

Need to know more? Here’s the scoop:

No code changes required

Nokia X is a customized platform built on the Android Open Source Project (AOSP), the software stack upon which some of the most popular smartphones in the world are based. You can check out the platform overview from Nokia Developer. And, 75% of Android apps will run on Nokia X software platform without any modifications – there is an online tool you can use to check the compatibility of your apps. Most Android apps are ready to run on Nokia X with no code changes required.

Plus, Nokia X also offers its own unique and easy-to-implement services on top of AOSP, including our popular Fastlane UI found on the Asha platform, as well as developer access to both glance screen and lock screen notifications. This means you can easily differentiate your app from the competition before publishing!

Check out these testimonials from developers who had the chance to try Nokia X for themselves:

Monetize better. Way better.

Monetization tools like Nokia In-App Payment, combined with Nokia’s extensive operator billing network, provide your existing Android apps with new monetization mechanisms in emerging markets. Consumers in many high-growth markets do not have international credit cards, making traditional revenue collection techniques a challenge.

When you publish your Android app to the Nokia Store, you’ll get access to Nokia’s massive operator-billing network with 163 operators in 61 markets around the world.

You can find out more about the monetization opportunities, and in fact there is a great list of the top five reasons to develop for Nokia X now.

Get a head start in emerging markets

Getting your app onto Nokia X will extend and strengthen your reach into the fastest growing smartphone markets in the world. This year, two out of every three smartphones shipped will go to emerging markets, where users are already far more likely to recommend low-cost Nokia Asha smartphones over any other similarly priced product.

We expect consumers in these markets are going to enjoy using your Android app even more when it’s on a Nokia X smartphone featuring our beautiful industrial design, world-renowned build quality, and an intuitive user interface.

You have nothing to lose!

There is no risk and no investment required (other than a little bit of your time) to get your Android app up and running on the Nokia X platform.

And there is XP to gain!

One more thing – and this is important. As you may have heard, DVLUP is all about Challenges, and giving you opportunity to earn XP (points) for your apps! Starting today, we have new Challenges that are only for Android apps using the Nokia X platform. You can read all about them here.

If you’re ready to dive in and explore all that Nokia X has to offer, head over to the publishing tool to get started.*

Additionally, you can have a look at the Nokia Remote Device Access service, where you can test your apps on various platforms, including Nokia X.

Learn more about the Nokia X platform.

*Please note: If your app uses Google Cloud Messaging, Google Maps, or Google In-App Billing, you will need to migrate to Nokia APIs to continue to use those services. And, if you do use any of those services, our own Nokia Notification, HERE Maps, and Nokia In-App Payment APIs are fully featured and easy to integrate.

Welcome Android Developers to DVLUP!