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Exclusive Opportunity: You can now port your Java apps to Nokia X

July 15th, 2014 By TechRewards Team

Want to know a secret? Promise not to tell?* Nokia X is available for a whole lot more than just Android apps! It turns out you can also port Java apps to Nokia X, too. Seriously. We’ve tested it, and we know it works (well, our friends at Nokia Developer tested it, but we trust them entirely).

We’re really excited about this opportunity, and we think you should be, too. Come one and take the leap with us from Java to Nokia X!


Last week, we brought you information about Legendary apps, but this time around what we have for you is truly newsworthy – possibly even history-making! We know this might sound like an exaggeration, but we are dead serious here. You see, this is truly a first. For starters, this opens the Nokia X platform to an entirely new universe of mobile apps above and beyond Android – and we know there are plenty of really decent Java apps and games out there that deserve to be seen by even more mobile fans.

Furthermore, not only can you port your Java apps and games to Nokia X, you can then submit your content to either of two new Challenges here on DVLUP that will reward your hard work. And, as you will see, these Challenges offer some serious bonus opportunities for you to earn additional XP and points – the more apps you submit, the more you will earn! You could earn up to 3,000 XP per challenge!

For the Java to Nokia X app challenge, you will earn 250XP for the first app you port from Java to Nokia X.

Then, if you port three Java apps to the Nokia X platform, on top of the 750XP that you’ll receive in total for the three apps, you’ll get an extra 150XP bonus – that’s 900XP total for just three apps!

Port five Java apps to the Nokia X platform with this Challenge,and you will get 250 XP per app, plus a 300XP bonus for your efforts – that’s 1,550XP total for five apps!

And, if you port 10 Java apps to the Nokia X platform you will receive a 500 XP bonus – that’s 3,000XP total for 10 new Nokia X apps!

The same bonus opportunities described above also apply to Java games that you port to Nokia X in this related games Challenge.

DVLUP members share Nokia X porting experiences

You’ve worked hard on your Java apps and games, and we want to reward you in the way that we know best, with lots and lots of XP! But you need to be quick, as this porting opportunity will only be available for a short time.

All of your Nokia X apps and games must be first published in the Nokia Store and submitted to these challenges by no later than September 15, 2014!

Also, please remember that any Nokia X apps that you publish in the Nokia Store must have the same name and duplicate the same functionality and content as their Java counterparts; and your Java app needs to be first published in the Nokia Store, too. Of course, each Challenge has some specific rules you need to follow, but we’ll leave that to you.

Start the App Challenge or Game Challenge now!

How do you get the bonus points?

You will receive bonus points one time, based on the total number of apps you successfully submit to the challenges. Bonus points will be awarded starting September 17 via incentive codes that will be delivered to you via email.

Need information about the porting process?

Check out these resources from Nokia Developer to help you get started porting your Java apps to Nokia X:

Welcome Android Developers to DVLUP!

*OK, we don’t really want you to keep this a secret. We hope you will tell all of your friends about it. This opportunity is too good to miss!